The Medical Forge Leipzig supports startups and innovative companies to bring their medical products faster to the German healthcare market. The customized 12 months program focuses on the specific needs of young medical technology companies.

Our extensive network including hospitals, health insurances and experienced industry partners will provide you with invaluable insights and project opportunities.

We offer you an in-kind service bundle with an overall value of 185,000 Euro including coworking laboratories, offices and electronic workshops, as well as personal consulting, mentoring, and much more. You have to provide 21,000 Euro of your own capital. However, you will receive a 25,000 Euro team budget during the program.

Forge your way to the healthcare market with us!




Leipzig is one of the fastest growing cities in Germany and the EU with currently 600,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan region has about 2.25 million inhabitants.

Leipzig is one of the most popular student cities and its universities count about 40,000 students annually including a large medical faculty.

Due to its central location at the heart of Europe, Leipzig has excellent logistics connections including Germany‘s second largest air freight hub.

The Medical Forge is located at the BioCity Campus, a centrally located commercial area dedicated exclusively to life science companies.

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Coworking Office

Ca. 300 m² prefurnished offices, meeting rooms and kitchen


Coworking Laboratory

Ca. 150 m² wetlabs incl. 2 bioboxes for cell and microbiological tasks


Coworking Workshop

Ca. 150 m² full electronic workshop and hardware equipment incl. 3D printer


Startup Bonus

Up to 25,000 Euro virtual grant for external services


Coaching & Mentoring

Experienced industry experts as sparring partner for regulatory and business issues


Seminars & Workshops

Customized seminars focussing on regulatory affairs for medical products


Networking & Events

Integration into supraregional industry network with over 120 members


Clinical Partnerships

Opportunity to start clinical pilot studies, to gain database access and to receive user feedback



Wondering who is going to be the next rising star in healthcare? Here is an overview of Batch 2 of the MEDICAL FORGE!


Antegenes Antegenes is an international pioneer of precision preventive medicine, aiming to use personal genetic information to reduce the severity and mortality due to common complex diseases. Antegenes develops and implements advanced genetic tests based on polygenic risk scores technology to enable individual risk based precision prevention. Antegenes has brought four innovative CE-marked genetic tests relying on polygenic risk scores (in vitro medical devices, 98/79/EC) into clinical use (for breast, prostate, colorectal cancers and melanoma) and additional tests are in the development.

Antegenes OÜ
Peeter Padrik, MD, PhD - Founder & CEO
BioSAW BIOSAW develops a rapid and highly sensitive point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform based on SAW sensor technology for veterinary and human diagnostics.

Bio SAW GmbH
Steffen Zietzschmann, CEO
CallPima At CallPima, we focus on developing privacy-compliant voice applications that make the daily work of nursing staff more efficient and increase the quality of treatment in hospitals. With PimaAssist®, our holistic solution for nurse-patient communication, we can already eliminate non-nursing tasks, reduce duplicate walk-throughs and shorten waiting times for patients with urgent needs. All this through our privacy-compliant voice assistant and our patient APP (for patients with speech disorders).

CallPima UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Khalid Karroumi, CEO & CTO
diafyt Diafyt has developed a solution for digital diabetes management combining the use of self-learning AI software with high-tech insulin pens and novel semiconductor sensors for blood glucose measurement.

diafyt Medtech
Thomas Wuttke, CEO
Han Biomedical Han Biomedical Inc. is a medical device company which has been founded in Taiwan 12 years ago. The company focuses on biomaterials for design and development of products for tissue repair and regeneration. Our major technology platforms are porcine/ bovine collagen, native high molecular weight hyaluronate, as well as composite for specific tissue repair. In addition to the R&D, the company has built manufacturing sites for collagen purification and production in Taiwan. We have launched five products in Taiwan, and plan to expand the R&D and business in Europe.

HAN BIomedical INC.
Changhui Chen, CEO
Next3D The aim of Next3D is to make a decisive contribution to the widespread implementation of personalized medicine using patient-specific 3D-printed implants and instruments in medicine.

Patients should be able to take advantage of improved therapies for Parkinson's disease, for example, as well as innovative tumor therapies.The placement of electrodes for deep brain stimulation as well as the placement of light-active substances for tumor therapy will be carried out using patient-specific 3D-printed stereotactic systems.

next3D GmbH
PD Dr. Ronny Grunert, CEO
Saventic Comprehensive clinical decision support system to support doctors in diagnosing rare diseases (SARAH Platform) or support patients in finding the appropriate specialist or medical clinic (Saventic Foundation). AI-driven algorithms analyze patients' EHRs (laboratory, radiology, descriptive data) and provide clinicians with the ICD-10, rationale and recommendations.

Saventic Health GmbH
Szymon Piatkowski, CEO
Glycanostics Glycanostics® has developed an early-stage, highly accurate and unique cancer diagnostic test that analyses changes in glycan structures in glycoprotein biomarkers from blood serum. The technology was developed after more than 10 years of an intense research at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Giasay® Prostate cancer test is being launched in Europe in Q2 2023, to be followed by Giasay® Breast cancer test at the end of 2023. Our granted patent covers also lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian, testicular, bladder, stomach, liver, colorectal and thyroid cancer (research work scheduled to start from 2024).

Glycanostics®, spol. s r. o.
Eva Kovacova, CEO
microX Labs MicroX Labs goal is to enable patients undergoing chemotherapy to monitor their essential cell counts at home for internal bleeding and for infections. Homemonitoring is useful for elderly patients since they are immunosuppressive and have restricted mobility. Our product is driven by an advanced manufactured disposable cartridge that has self-contained reagents, a biosensor fabricated with semi-conductor processes, and a high-speed electronics running machine learning algorithms.

MicroX Labs Inc.
Prakhar Jain, CEO
modality Modality.AI, Inc. has developed the first automated, clinically validated, multimodal system to assess neurological and psychiatric states, in clinic and remotely.

Modality's conversational AI system monitors neurological and psychiatric conditions: frequently, automatically, accurately, consistently. Researchers and clinicians can now review data in near real-time and monitor treatment response over time, paving the way for more efficient, effective, and less costly clinical trials.

modality.AI GmbH
David Suendermann-Oeft, CEO
MUVON MUVON Therapeutics is a clinical stage Life Science Spin-off from the University of Zurich developing a novel therapy platform for the regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue based on autologous cells. We aim to provide safe, effective and affordable treatments to millions of patients suffering from seriously debilitating diseases by not only repairing damaged tissue but also increase the regenerative potential of weakened muscles. Our initial area of focus is the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women, supporting them respectfully throughout their journey to a healthy life.

MUVON Therapeutics
Steve Kappenthuler, CBO & Co-Founder
NeuroTrigger Facial paralysis impacts over 1,000,000 people worldwide each year, due to Bell’s palsy, brain surgery, stroke, Parkinson’s and other diseases. The absence of blinking can lead to extremely painful corneal ulceration and severe dry eye, either can cause visual impairment or irreversible visual loss.

NeuroTrigger has developed and tested portable and user-friendly system that automatically stimulates artificial eyelid blinking.

Nikolai Kunicher, CEO
SDS Optic SDS Optic Inc. is the first ever European based cutting-edge medical DeepTech connecting molecular biology with novel photonics technologies, chemistry & biomedical engineering to create solutions that can revolutionize healthcare worldwide, incl. first ever In Vivo Photonics Immunoassays platform - inPROBE® technology.

SDS Optic vision is to develop innovative cancer diagnostics & monitoring technologies which will help increase cancer survival rate by 30% by 2030.

SDS Optic Inc.
Mateusz Sagan, CEO
USC Medical USC Medical specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of consumables for the healthcare industry, the development and production of medical devices and the trade in medical devices and equipment.

The top priority is the development and subsequent marketing of an innovative surgical small intestine probe. They benefit from 25 years of intensive experience from their founders and employees in the field of medical technology.

USC Medical GmbH
Uwe Seidel, CEO
Vesale Bioscience Vesale Bioscience is developing urgently needed therapeutics based on cutting-edge personalized phage therapy to fight antibacterial multi-resistant infections (AMR).

Vesale Bioscience has developed the first on-site and fully automated susceptibility test that will recommend in 3,5 hours (instead of days/weeks) the optimal therapeutic phage(s) able to combat the patient's specific bacterial infection.

Vésale Bioscience
Gunther Vanwezer, CEO
Zurimed ZuriMED Technologies AG is an innovation-driven Swiss company based in Zurich that spun off in 2015 from the Laboratory for Orthopaedic Biomechanics (Department of Health Science and Technology at ETH Zurich and the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Zurich).

As an innovation engine with a dynamic management team and a Board of Directors of world-leading scientists and clinicians, ZuriMED’s strength is to think outside the box and develop disruptive technologies that address unmet clinical needs.

ZuriMED Technologies AG
Andrea Möhl, Clinical Affairs Manager
Active Medical Active Medical are developing OxyCam, a point-of-care device using AI to visualise and quantify blood flow in micro-vessels to solves the problem of delayed diagnosis for a range of important conditions including sepsis, dehydration and hypo-perfusion during surgery.

Active Medical BV
Husain Khaki, CEO
AGED Diagnostics AGED is developing the most accurate blood test for fatty liver disease through a targeted epigenetic sequencing assessment. The tools will be sold initially as a service (as a lab developed test). Their efforts aim to prevent the progression of liver disease by providing a tool that is accessible, non-invasive, fast and accurate. AGED’s competitive advantage is that the technology would be more accurate than all other alternatives, less expensive than the gold standard (liver biopsies) and be able to both stage of fibrosis and differentiate benign from advanced liver disease.

Active Genomes Expressed Diagnostics Corp
Rachel Zayas, CEO
ALVIV Laser Solutions ALVIV Laser Solutions is a bio-convergence medical device company developing distributive and life-changing solutions for our target groups.

The company's first medical solution is a short, pain-free laser-based treatment for Fecal Incontinence (FI). Harnessing tissue regeneration processes, ALVIV’s solution will serve as a real breakthrough in FI management, addressing the source of the medical problem and not only the symptoms.

ALVIV Laser Solutions Ltd.
Shira Doron, CEO
deep breath Deep Breath specializes in software as a medical device that detects un-safe modes during mechanical ventila-tion, offering critical insights to opti-mize treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Deep Breath B.V.
Anton Balakirev, CEO
Intu Diagnostics INTU Diagnostics is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell therapy and Immunology (Germany). Our company develops rapid and instrument-free solutions for infectious disease diagnostics, designed to be affordable and globally accessible. The startup is implementing a sustainable and socially responsible business model to contribute to better global health.

Intu Diagnostics GmbH
Skaiste Arbaciauskaite, CEO
Neteera Neteera Technologies is an Israel-based startup that develops and commercializes a contactless patient monitoring solution.

Neteera Technologies Ltd.
Rani Shifron, CEO
OncoHost OncoHost is a technology company headquartered in Binyamina, Israel, and Cary, North Carolina, transforming the approach to precision medicine for improved patient outcomes.

OncoHost’s proprietary platform, PROphet®, is a plasma-based, proteomic pattern analysis tool whose initial offering in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and uses a single blood sample to guide first-line immunotherapy decision-making. The PROphet® NSCLC test provides clear clinical utility by offering physicians crucial guidance on the optimal first-line immunotherapy treatment plan for each individual patient, with a significant effect on overall survival.

OncoHost Ltd.
Moti Hacham, CFO
RedZinc RedZinc specialises in wearable video camera and a web portal to manage real-time video streaming and remote access for healthcare and other industries.

RedZinc’s managed video platform, BlueEye, is suitable for clinicians, emergency doctors, paramedics, telemaintenance and public safety. The BlueEye platform enables clinics and hospitals to deliver high quality care to patients which results in better patients outcomes, increased efficiencies and reduced operational costs.

RedZinc Services Limited
Donal Morris, CEO


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Gold partners

Silver partners

Bronze partners

You want to increase your innovative capacity and get premium access to the newest medical technology? You are looking for international cooperations to improve healthcare in Germany?

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Regulatory Affairs

  • The long way to the German healthcare market
  • Quality & Risk management of medical products
  • Approval process according to the EU MDR
  • Clinical studies from a legal and regulatory perspective

Health Economics

  • Reimbursement systems of the German Healthcare market
  • Funding programs for medical innovations
  • Sales in Life Sciences
  • Crowd Funding for medical products

Business Elements

  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • IP Rights and Licensing for startups
  • Pitch Training
  • Project Management

Individual coaching and mentoring, potential clinical pilot studies and
feedback by medical experts offer additional insights



  • Incorporated startup or innovative companies
  • Innovative medical device with proof of concept
  • Highly motivated, skilled and diverse team
  • Fit with the interests of our gold and silver partners
  • Sufficient financial capital to participate in the program (21k Euro)
  • General interest in founding a subsidiary in Leipzig/ Germany
  • Willingness to participate in workshops
  • Fluent in English


You’ve got what we are looking for? Then ignite your light at the Medical Forge Leipzig and apply today!


Please submit your application on f6s. It allows us to integrate our partners in the evaluation and selection process and provide you with direct feedback on your application.




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Apply by November 17th 2024 to become a part of our fourth batch starting in April 2025.

Let’s forge your way to the German healthcare market together.



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